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2015 Mediation Fees

My fee is a $400 per hour.  That is, in a two-party case, $200 per hour per side. Each side should submit an $800 deposit each for ½ day; that is, a 4-hour mediation.


The deposit includes one hour to review mediation briefs, as well as phone calls to the parties prior to the mediation session, and follow up when cases don’t settle.  


 If the fee deposit  is not paid 2 weeks prior to the scheduled mediation by each side, I reserve the right to cancel the mediation and reschedule it when I receive an $800 deposit from each represented side.    If the mediation last less than 4 hours, I will return a portion of any unused fees. (Fees are due from each side 3-weeks prior to the scheduled mediation regardless of any fee-switching that might occur during the mediation).


                [The fee includes, but is not limited to telephone calls and e-mails, administrative costs including opening a file, printing and paper costs, arranging and setting a mediation date, sending a confirming letter, postage, drafting a Confidentiality Agreement and a Proposed Settlement Agreement, travel to and from the mediation, the mediation session, filing notice to the court regarding the result of the mediation, (if applicable),  and in the event the case does not settle, continuing follow up with one or both parties].

I know that parties are aware of every expense in a case. I keep costs down in order to pass the savings along to the parties. My rate is intended to eliminate the surprise of about mediation expenses. 

For mediation sessions that last more than four hours,    if each side agrees to continue, each individual sides charges will be limited to the $800 deposit up to 6 hours; afterward, each side will be charged $200 per hour.   

In cases with 3 or more separate sides, each side will be charged $200 per hours, with an $800 deposit from each side.

Please contact me about travel costs outside the Bay Area.  Also, let me know if you can’t agree which of you will host the mediation.  

Contact me to discuss any issues about my mediation policies

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