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"Great job at the mediation yesterday"

"Thank you for all of your hard work"

"Good mediator and very fair"

"You can't do better than Joel Franciosa. He is smart and always well prepared for the mediation, has a nice manner. He has a terrific sense of balance in handling his mediations"

"Joel is an incredibly hard worker who conducts an issue-oriented mediation. He will know the facts better than anyone in the room. Tenacious. If your case should settle, it will be with Joel"

"Joel is an experienced mediator and a great guy. He has helped me resolve some tough cases"

"Smart. He is very amiable and professional. He knows everyone in the field. He is very active in promoting mediation".

"He is good and would be an excellent choice".

"He is very, very smart. Incredible memory for facts, medical costs, etc. He knows the ropes. He has a good sense of case value and will get to the heart of things. If you have inflated your case value, he will see through it. I recommend him highly".

Joel is very fair. He is open minded and willing to listen to both sides. I would take him without pause".

"He is a likeable classy professional, decent, flexible and optimistic guy without any apparent agenda".

"Mr. Franciosa really surprised me with his capability as a mediator. I did not expect him to be as good as he is. After one experience with him was resolving a case that had been up to trial five times. I decided I would not hesitate to use him as a mediator, nor to recommend him to my partners".

"Joel is a top-notch mediator. I hired him as a mediator. He is dogged in bringing the parties together. He will move parties by the inch, but he keeps them inching toward a resolution. His top qualities are great results, expertise and he is a good value".

"Your binding arbitration award was extremely thorough and fair to all concerned. It was a very thoughtful and articulate dissection of the facts and damages. I would say you put more effort into the details and case analysis than the attorneys did. I will definitely consider you for mediations".

"I really enjoyed working with you. It was a tough case and I was very impressed with the results. You may certainly use my name as a reference".